Utah Saints FC


USFC v Boise FC 2-2 Final

The Utah Saints FC took a point from leading Conference champions
Published Apr 12, 2018

Saturday, April 28th 2018.

It was a great day for soccer, slightly overcast and not cold nor too hot, really the perfect setting for a match that was well fought by both bands. 
The Saints received a premature goal at the 15th minute when Boise’s Zachary Naylor took advantage of a lull in the back.

It didn’t take too long for the Utah side to comeback at the 17th minute mark, with a stinger and just a beautiful melody of a well played and well oiled machine Javier Ochoa who stole the ball from a Boise defender giving a superb center which Manny (Ater Ayuel) did not waste, putting the 1-1 on the scoreboard.

At minute 31+ Rafael Belo Tarma on a war path coming all the way from the back, speeding through the mid and advancing to the right wing, a picture-perfect shot on goal succeeding to find the back of the net!

The game was intense and it seemed as The Utah Saints were walking away with their first victory and against the defending champions non the less, but after minute 90+4.5 Andres Idoeta from The Cutthroats, was able to even things out to finish things with a 2-2 making our (W-T-L) 0-1-1 thus collecting The Utah Saints first UPSL point in its history.

-Andres Peña